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Lis’ Review of Soul Magic by Poppy Dennison

Poppy Dennison
Soul Magic (Triad, #3)
Dreamspinner Press, May 6, 2013 | 220 pages

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Sequel to Mind Magic
Triad: Book Three

Blood runs soul-deep. Cormac hasn’t been the same since the night the High Moon Pack was attacked. With his magic weakened, he’s consumed by a bloodlust he hasn’t felt since he first became a vampire. His need to replenish his power makes him a danger to his last remaining family member, and his hunger makes him careless. And that’s just the beginning of his troubles. Feeding from pack beta Liam Benson was supposed to slake his appetite, not leave him craving more.

Simon Osborne and Gray Townsend are trying to fight a being history says shouldn’t exist—one with all three types of magic. The pack must use all of their resources to combat the mysterious triad, even turning to the shady Council of Mages for help. While Cormac struggles to reconcile his past failures with his current desires, Simon must attempt the impossible: an alliance between mind, body, and soul

Genre & Keywords: M/M Romance, Paranormal, Magic, Triad, Shifters, Adventure, Mages, Demons

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3 flames

Reviewed by Lis/Larissa:

Warning: This review may contain spoilers for the previous books in the series!

Nothing made my day better than Janna informing me that she got the third and final book in the Triad series for me to review. At work no less. I can tell you that it was a long and torturous day before I raced home to read this book! Like the previous two books, it blew me away with its awesomeness!

Soul Magic continues where Body Magic (reviewed here) left off: with Gray and Simon on lock down after the attack by the mysterious creature that seems to hold all three types of magic: mind, body and soul. Liam is still healing after the attack left him severely wounded. Cormac isn’t doing much better as he no longer trusts himself when his blood hunger returns and stirs old fears.

There is a lot happening in Soul Magic but there is also lot of theorizing and the council breathing down the High Moon Pack’s neck. There was a good balance between the romance, the action/adventure and the research. Story-wise there is a lot of development in the third book, it also brings everything to a head. It was well done and thought through. While I’m personally not a big fan of the deux ex-machina solution to a problem, this is Simon we’re talking about and it just fit.

This third part of the trilogy is nicely wrapped up. No open endings. No questions (well, a small one, but it leaves the possibility for a possibly spin-off in the series). No loose threads. While the ending may have been a little on the cheesy side, it was also a good closer and a breather from the heavy tension throughout the series. And I gotta say: Gray is waaaaaaay too cute with kids.

The main focus throughout the series has been Simon and Gray, with little side romances. It was good to see how they grew and how in Soul Magic, their bond is solidified. They are an addictive couple to read about. I also liked how they were well balanced, rounded and have their own voices in the story. Simon might be the brains of the duo, but there is nothing weak about him. Just like Gray might be the big bad alpha, but he’s no dumb jock.

The romance between Cormac and Liam is maybe not as extensive as I wanted it to be, but it’s also not a clear-cut, nicely presented romance complete with instant love. Soul Magic, much like with Rocky and Cade in their book and Simon and Gray in theirs, is where they come together and start. There were some very hot, screen melting scenes though. Wowie! Two hot, strong men coming together is sure to guarantee that!

Soul Magic is the wicked awesome conclusion of the Triad series and it was sure worth waiting for. I’m sorry to see the series come to end because it was a nice ride. This series is sure one that will end up on my ‘to be read again soon’ list!

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  1. Awesome review Lis!! And you're so right about Gray :D Some of my favorite scenes in all three books are when we see Gray and Garon together. Garon is SO adorable trying to be a grown up alpha and Gray has that strong silent but totally caring and gaga for his son thing going on. Gray is like, perfect husband material!

    1. Thanks Cole. Tell em about it! I want my own Gray. Normally I'm not a big fan of kids in books, but Riley and Garon? Gah. Too cute!

      Guess you want your own Gray ey :D


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