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Review of Take It Off by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov
Take It Off (Market Garden #2)
Riptide Publishing | February 25, 2013 | 38 pages

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Turnabout is foreplay.
High-end Market Garden rentboys Tristan and Jared have found their niche. Men are willing to pay good money to watch Tristan tease Jared, and the two of them seduce London’s elite with sex and power games.
Except Tristan is less and less interested in getting money out of the johns these days. He wants his partner in crime, and he wants the seduction to be real. But is Jared just in this for the pay?

When Rolex, the john who started it all, returns to Market Garden, the boys jump on the opportunity to service him—and each other—for a fresh pile of cash. Rolex isn’t the only one itching for a rematch, though. Jared’s been waiting for a chance to get back at Tristan for teasing him so mercilessly the first time.
And for a former stripper, revenge is a dish best served extra hot.

Genre & Keywords: M/M Romance, Contemporary, Sex Club, London, Voyeurism, Power Game, Orgasm Denial, Threesome, Prostitution, Masturbation, Rent boy

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3 flames

Ever since I finished reading the first book in this series, Quid Pro Quo, I've been looking forward to Jared and Tristan's sequel. I was hoping for two things: a little bit more romance and Tristan's take on things. Since the first story was mainly one long hot, erotic scene and completely told from Jared's point of view, I was wondering about Tristan's feelings and hoping for same sort of happy ending for them as a couple. Well, it was definitely what I hoped for, although theirs is more of a HFN ending and there is still plenty of room for one or more follow-up stories about this sexier thin sin couple.

In this second installment Tristan and Jared are still working as rentboys at Market Garden. But since their last hot encounter with the rich john nicknamed Rolex they have more jobs together now. Tristan however is less and less interested in the jobs but more in getting alone with Jared for real. Sadly, he can't tell if Jared feels the same about him. When one night Rolex returns to the club they are in for another exciting night, and this time Jared is the one in control too. Tristan is in for a memorable night of merciless teasing.

As could be expected this was again a scorching, page burning hot tale! The chemistry between these characters is amazing, just as the writing chemistry between these two authors must be. The excitement and sexiness is extremely tangible because we are getting close under Tristan's skin. At the same time his situation is rather endearing and sweet, since the john and Jared have taken away all the control from him, where he was the dominant one during their first encounter. This circumstance alone was already incredibly stimulating. And Jared in control, wow, is just... wow!

This second one is as short as the first story. So, sadly, there's still not much room for a romantic development. What I loved though is that in the end Tristan dared to ask Jared for more, for seeing each other outside Market Garden, so there's at least hope for a relationship for them. And maybe the authors wanted to keep the option open for another sequel for this entertaining couple. I definitely would want to read more about Jared and Tristan. In the short span of these two encounters they've grown on me. Thanks to Voinov and Witt's excellent writing and compelling tone of voice these stories have become quite unforgettable and dear to me. I'm happy that they continue their collaboration and have at least another couple of titles in this series scheduled with Riptide Publishing, with different characters from the Market Garden club.


  1. Great review Janna! I really need to try Aleksandr Voinov's writing! And soon!

    1. Thanks, orannia! I'm curious what you'll think of it. :)


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