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Lis’ Review of Out of the Ashes by Olivia Duncan Craig

Olivia Duncan Craig
Out of the Ashes
ODC Press (self published), July 31, 2012 | 162 pages

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Young Noah hadn't any idea how quickly his world could turn upside down. One minute, he was living, happy and secure, with a doting father and grandmother to look after him. The next, his father is dead, his grandmother is confined to her sickbed, and the only other family he has left is his new stepmother and her two children.
Taken far from his home, worked hard and hidden away from the world, Noah hasn't much to look forward to, growing up. Until one day, Matthew, a handsome neighbor, comes riding up to him like a knight on his charger.
It's love at first sight, at least as far as Noah is concerned.

Now all Noah has to do is make his Prince Charming aware he exists, triumph over his evil stepmother, and claim the love he so richly deserves. He may not have a fairy godmother helping him, but magic can come in many forms. The only question is--will it be enough to give Noah his happily ever after?

Genre & Keywords: M/M Romance, Contemporary, Cinderfella, Fairytale

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 2.5 out of 3 flames

Reviewed by Lis:

As a child I always liked the story of Cinderella and movies that go along with it: from the classic Disney movie to Ella Enchanted and Ever After. So it comes as no surprise that I’d like ‘Cinderfella’ stories, Out of the Ashes being one of them.

Out of the Ashes follows along the lines of the classic story. One moment Noah is happy with his caring father and grandmother, the next his world is turned around when his father dies and his grandmother suffers a stroke.

Taken by the evil stepmother to a remote location, he is worked hard and cares for his ailing grandmother. Then his Prince Charming comes along. The question is: will Noah have a happily ever after and how does it come about?

If you know the tale of Cinderella, it’s not hard to guess where this story is going. So it’s not the beginning that matters and you can guess how it ends, but the middle that is the important part and Out of the Ashes doesn’t disappoint.

Noah is a very likable, sweet character. He is strong too, to be able to work so hard and care for his grandmother at the same time. There were moments when reading the story that I just wanted hug Noah and tell him it would be all right.

His Prince Charming is definitely a ‘Prince Charming.’ Matthew, Noah’s neighbor on a nearby property, has it all. Good looks, money and charms and an all-around good life. He is a little clueless though, not to notice Noah. He needed to be hit over the head… hard.

Both main characters are well worked out and round. The rest of the cast suffers a bit of the typical stereotype style of writing. But then it’s to be expected given that it’s a retelling of a fairytale. There is no sympathy for the wicked step-bitch or her kid.

Out of the Ashes is a sweet if not a little fluffy, story that makes for a good read on a dreary Sunday afternoon, cuddled up with cats and hot chocolate. The writing is lyrical and well done, though it would have helped the story if an editor had gone over it one more time for the spelling and grammar mistakes. While I’m not one who condones books with bad editing, this story makes up for it if you put your spelling/grammar blinders on.

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