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Lis’ Review: Idriel’s Sin by Jay Di Meo

Jay Di Meo
Idriel’s Sin
Amber Allure, November 27, 2011

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Idriel, a second-class angel accused of murdering his comrades-in-arms, is sent to bootcamp on Earth where angels and demons train for the heavenly battles. The last thing he expects is Eligor, a first-class demon with his own ethics and more handsome than any angel, who grudgingly takes Idriel under his protection.
While waiting for his sentence to be passed, Idriel trains with Eligor and finds himself falling hard for said demon. Despite his innocence, he begins to accept his fate, that he is on his way to becoming a demon himself, and gives in to his body's demands when it comes to Eligor.
But Idriel's days on Earth are numbered. Soon he will be sent to the Pit, according to Heaven's Law, and nothing can stop it from happening--until all Hell quite literally breaks loose, and what Idriel once considered a sin may now be his only salvation...

Genre & Keywords:
M/M Romance, Paranormal, Angels, Demons, Mystery, Betrayal, Murder, Torture, Religion

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3

Reviewed by Lis:

Books about Angels are not always a good subject for me to read. Angels are the one group of supernatural beings that just fall into their own category because of their divine background. Stories with Angels in them have to be done well and worked out well for me to really like them. Of course, that’s just me. Idriel’s Sin was a story that caught my eye and despite my misgivings about Angels, I was intrigued. While most definitely not a bad story, I believe Idriel’s Sin is a story you’ll either love or you won’t.

Idriel’s Sin is the story of Idriel, an Angel accused of killing his fellow Angels and Eligor, a supposed demon who did something right and got sent to a training camp on earth. Idriel is there as well to await his sentencing. When Idriel saves Eligor in an apparent training exercise gone wrong, Eligor takes Idriel on to help him prepare for hell. Slowly something blossoms between the two alongside assassination attempts and a religious mystery.

The environment is harsh and rivals a military bootcamp on speed. There are few nice characters and the other Angels reminded me nothing of Angels but more of petty, jealous humans. This was, for me, the biggest sell out of the story. Out of all the characters, Idriel is the most angelic. Putting himself before others and seeing the greater good, instead of his own personal gain. He stands by his beliefs, unlike most other characters. As said, the other Angels reminded me more of humans than Angels who are supposedly better than human and you’d expect them to be above some petty qualities.

There is some worldbuilding but the story relies heavily on the existing believes of heaven and hell, while at the same time twisting facts to fit the story. Like the training camp on earth. There is a mix between old and modern martial arts, without there really being an explanation.

What worked best for me was the relationship between Idriel and Eligor. Both are tormented characters and Eligor has quite the past, which holds him back from his full potential. While flawed, he is the most likable character because of his flaws. Idriel is a sweet, self-sacrificing Angel who holds true to his beliefs. He almost represents the perfect Angel. I have to say that there are some sparks flying between Idriel and Eligor and YUM YUM YUM!

This is by no means a bad story, the writing itself was well done, but it’s the subject matter that didn’t work for me. While it wasn’t for me, Idriel’s Sin might just be the story you’re looking for. Especially if you like hot Angels and Demons and a mystery.

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