Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Gay Friday on a Sunday & How that happened

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and other fun stuff. Like last Friday - after spending the rest of the week on the road for work, I was looking forward to a nice and quiet Friday at home, doing some errands, reading, blogging and bloghopping. But it wasn’t meant to be. Turned out that one of my colleagues got ill and I had to take her place as a coach in this course for a group of volunteers that work in our organization. There went my Friday and Saturday…

I didn’t even have time to post my m/m cookie, but here it is, two days late:

And then there’s the thing that I don’t feel fit at all today. I really hope it’s just a little after-effect of the exhausting week and not one of those nasty viruses that seem to be wandering about these days. Hubby is feeling under the weather too, so he might have caught something at the hospital where he’s working, and brought it home with him. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it’s not the latter.

But let’s get to the book stuff. Here’s the list of books I’ve read in September:

Jasper's Journey by Lisa Marie Davis, 3.5 stars
Fearless Desires by Stacey Espino, 3.5 stars
Talker by Amy Lane,  4.5 stars
Size Matters by Stephanie Julian, 4 stars
Genesis (Heaven Sent, #5) by Jet Mykles, 4 stars
Sly Spectral Trick (HS extra, #4) by Jet Mykles, 4 stars
Feisty Little Firecracker (HS extra, #3) by Jet Mykles, 3.5 stars
Sexy Spring Surprise (HS extra, #2) by Jet Mykles, 3.5 stars
Pretty Red Ribbon (HS extra, #1) by Jet Mykles, 3.75 stars
Faith (Heaven Sent, #4) by Jet Mykles, 5 stars
Hell (Heaven Sent, #3) by Jet Mykles, 4.5 stars
Purgatory (Heaven Sent, #2) by Jet Mykles, 4.75 stars
Corporate Seduction by Bridget Midway, 2 stars
In the Flesh by by Ethan Stone, 4.75 stars
Corralled (Blacktop Cowboys, #1) by Lorelei James, 4 stars
Gone Stumping by Braden Williams, 3.25 stars
Eternal Seduction (A Darkness Within, #1) by Jennifer Turner, 4.5 stars

Considering I’ve spent half of the time on the road having a hectic work month, it’s not a bad list at all I think. I’ve read a total of 17 romances, of which four were short stories. And I’m really proud that I’ve finished a series that was on my TBR for a while, the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles.
I think I’ll go try and read at least one of the other numerous series on my to-read shelf in October again. I did one in August too, so if I succeed in October as well, I might have started a new challenge for myself. ;) I’m thinking finishing the Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon in October should be doable…
Additionally I want to at least start (because ‘finish’ is aiming a bit too high) one of those paranormal series that are hiding on my shelves for quite some time now and about which I keep saying that I really want to start reading them soon, really, but still haven’t yet… One of those is the Demonica series by Larissa Ione, which I bought in paperback no less! This series has the advantage that it ‘only’ has five novels out yet, which seems a better start than the eight or ten books counting series by JR Ward and Kresley Cole. :)

Right now, I’m going to make the best of my Sunday, paying a visit to my mother in law who’s celebrating her birthday and tonight reading on the couch with hubby nearby. Who knows, I might get lucky… if he feels like rubbing my feet I mean. ;)

Hope you enjoy your Sunday too!


  1. I hope you and the hubby feel better soon! *hugs*

  2. Sending healthy thoughts to you and your hubby!

    You had a good reading month, especially considering how busy you've been!

    And darn it, I'm two books behind in Demonica already.

  3. So many people getting sick these days. Ugh. Mojo that you both feel better soon.

    Not a bad month for crazy work. Hope you get a break next month and can relax a bit more.

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon sweetie!! xoxo

    I loved Eternal Seduction by Jen Turner. Awesome book.

    Glad you liked Corralled. LJ is one of my fav authors.

  5. I hope any form of the flu bug may pass you by or be repelled by your internal anti-virus defender LOL Or a poor attempt to do humor LOL

    It sounds like you're running yourself ragged but sometimes life just gets that way *sigh* You at least got to read a bit and I hope right now your hubby is rubbing your feet while you are decadently reading a great M/M story :)

    I hope to talk to you soon hon (((hugs)))

  6. Hi, Janna, I hope you both manage to ward off that cold-virus thing. I'm impressed at all the reading you did! Good for you, taking on a couple of series!

  7. *hoping it's nothing and you all feel ok soon*

    That is a lot of books read even though you were busy

  8. Hoping you feel better soon. I've had my eye on that Jet Mykles series but just haven't had time.

    Hope your evening is wonderful and that you get lucky :)

  9. Better late than never! Thanks for thinking of us (your readers) even when you are so crazy busy! Hope this week is a bit slower for you! *HUGS*

  10. @Eyre: Thanks, hon. We're feeling alright - at least not bad enough to stay home from work. ;)

    @Chris: Thank you, I think they've helped, we don't feel worse. :)
    Ah, only two books behind, I'm 5 behind. *g*

    @Tam: Yep, it's that time of the year again. I'm wishing for a month with lots and lots of time for reading! :)

    @FV: Eternal Seduction and Corralled were very good reads indeed! Lorelei James is an old favorite of mine and Jennifer Turner is definitely a new one. :D

    @Leontine: LOL! I think/hope it's just exhaustion that's bugging me! I didn't even read last night, because I fell asleep the moment we got home from the inlaws, lol!
    I'll email you soon to set the date for our appointment, hon!

    @Val: hi Val! We're still hanging in, doing the warding off thing. ;) Those series are jumping furiously at me whenever I look at my TBR, so I guess it's about time I started paying them some attention, lol!

    @Blodeuedd: It could've been so much more, if I just didn't have to work all the time *grin*

    @Patti: Thanks, hon! I can say the same about all those series you've read and recommended and still have to read. If we only had some more time. :)

    @Jen: Glad that I still posted the cookie then! :) Thanks, I hope so too, hon! *hugs*

  11. Hope you and hubby feel better soon.

    Despite the crazies it was a good reading month for you though. :)

  12. Hey Janna, it's Lis (actually logged in ;-))It's nice to see you have a blog too!

    I'm curious about Jasper's Journey. I'm reading it soon too!

    And we know each other from Wave's Blog :p

  13. @Lily: Thanks, Lily! :D

    @Lis: Hey Lis, great to see you here too! I hope to write my review of Jasper's Journey this week, as soon as my headache stops bugging me. :) It was a nice read. I'm curious what you'll think of it! You don't have a book blog as well where I can find your reviews, do ya? Or are you one of Wave's reviewers? :D

  14. LOL! Hell no! I wish! I'm just a visitor like you, though when I'm not reviewing books, I go by larissa.

    No I don't have a review blog. I have LiveJournal blog where I used to occasionally post reviews of movies, series and books. I am actually considering it, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands and my job already takes up a lot of time behind the computer. So I do freelance reviewing (though I have to admit it has been a while!)

    I look forward to your review of Jasper's Journey!

  15. Ah, now I recognize you, Larissa! LOL!
    I entirely missed your livejournal blog in your profile, only saw the Canada one. And yep, I know what you mean, blogging is very time-consuming.
    But if you're interested in guest reviewing every now and then at my little place, you're very welcome! :) It's not the same as Wave's of course, lol, and I can't pay you for your review, other than getting you a review copy perhaps. If you're interested, just send me an email (can't find your addy in your profile).
    Night! :D


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